Unlocked LG Chocolate (KG800) at Next Mobile for a low $279

5 May 2007

Get an unlocked LG Chocolate (KG800) for $279 + $12 postage. Quite a bargain, retailing elsewhere for the high $300 mark. 100% Australian stock too. :)

It has some great features such as:
1.3 Megapixel camera with flash (4x zoom, 9 multi-shot)
Video recording
MP3 player

Plus get around $5.71 cashback from Buckscoop. :)

Beats the previously posted deal by a hundred:

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  • Emma EDITOR
    I have to say I really like the look of this phone... and it's getting better and better priced. Last time it was mentioned here, it was about $380,... ]http://img501.imageshack.us/img501/5607/kg80020004ex5.jpg
  • Emma EDITOR
    P.S> I keep getting a link error, but I don't think it's anything you have done Brad, it's even happeneing when I click through google to nextmobile.... anyone getting the same? (Page not found)
  • Brad
    Not sure, still working fine for myself.
  • nod
    I agree Jayne. I like the look of these phones too. They have had an ok write up Though I have heard some people say that LG is a little bit dodgy re quality. What I need to do is try to work out what is the best offer available with the phone networks. Something that just seems to make my head spin. Anyone out there who knows what they are talking about? Thanks for the deal Brad - very nice find Buckscoop cashback brings the phone to about $284.60 + delivery
  • Brad
    I just found another deal that ]beats this by another $70 :eek:
  • Brad
    As the d-store one I mentioned above has expired, this is the latest best price. Next mobile have dropped their price to $279 + $12 post :)

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