Uniden 2.4GHz Digital Cordless Phone Twin Pack with Answering Machine $139

2 June 2007

2.4GHz Digital Spread Spectrum Technology Phone System
Multi Handset Capable up to 4 Handsets Using One Phone Socket (F7684)
2 Handsets Included
Intercom⁄Announce Call Transfer
Handset Conferencing (2 Handsets + Base + Outside Call)
Advanced LCD and Caller ID Display*:
3 Line Backlit Full Dot Matrix LCD Display
POP ID* - Caller Name Identification
Alpha Display Caller ID
100 Caller ID* Memories with Phonebook on each Handset
20 Individual Caller Tone Allocations*
Caller ID* (Type 1 and Type 2)
Integrated Digital Answering Machine with Remote Access and Do Not Disturb Button
Two-Way Communication between Handsets Anywhere Without the Base#
Digital Duplex Speakerphone on Handsets and Base
Long Range t
Alphabetical Search and Dial
Polyphonic Ring Tones
Orange Backlit LCD Display and Keypad
Alpha Memory Dialling
Maxi-Sound Extra Loud Handset Volume Control
Voice Guidance Help and Function System
Conversation Record
Download Phonebook Between Handsets^
Up to 8 Hours Talk Time
Room⁄Baby Monitor
10 Speed Dial Memories on Each Handset
Clarity Boost
Headset Compatible
Belt Clip, Wall or Desk Mountable

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  • sandgroper
  • Emma EDITOR
    I've really got to get around to buying one of these dual handset devices. I have one cordless handset and it is constantly lost.:eek:
  • Debz
    LOL me too Jayne. My base unit has a "page" button which makes the phone ring so we can hunt for it.
  • nod
    Does anyone have a Uniden phone and what is the quality like? The one thing that annoys me about cordless phones is that you can get so much background static with them. Call me traditional :D If someone can recommend a cordless phone that does not force me to shout at the person on the other end of the line then I am in!
  • schlemster
    had one.cracked like mad after I dropped it :o
  • nod
    That will do it Schlemster :D My poor mobile phone has been dropped so many times that the battery does not quite sit properly and it turns itself off all the time. I can be a touch accident prone so maybe a home phone with a cord is a safer alternative for me anyway :w00t:

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