TPG - Now you only need to pay $19.99 to get a $49 Mobile Cap plan per month.

14 August 2008

Sign up with us and bring your own phone or purchase a new phone from TPG, you will receive:

* $300 worth of included Cap Value which can be used for calls, texts and data usually valued at $49 per month, plus

* Free calls to any TPG, Soul or Optus GSM mobile with 'yes' Time between 8pm to midnight, every day, for the first 20 minutes of each call.

Important Things You Need to Know:
Included Cap Value is the allowance available for use each month for eligible call types. Eligible call types included in the Cap Value are: National Mobile and Fixed Line, voicemail deposits and retrievals, National and International SMS and MMS and call diversion. Excluded from Cap Value are: premium SMS, Optus Zoo services, Third Party content, International, 190 calls, International roaming, and other Enhanced Services. Standard call rates apply for usage outside the Cap Value. Unused Cap Value is forfeited at the end of each monthly period.

Payment: Monthly payment in advance for the monthly charges. CC refers to Credit Card. DD refers to Direct Debit. At the time of registration, we will debit $20 as a payment in advance for usage outside the Cap Value (Account Balance). If the Account Balance falls to or below $5 (Trigger Amount), you will be debited by an amount sufficient to bring the Account Balance back to $20 (Top Up Amount). The service will be suspended if the Account Balance falls below the Trigger Amount and our attempt to debit your credit card or bank account for the Top Up Amount fails and a reactivation charge of $20 will be payable.

Minimum Contract Term: Minimum contract term is the minimum term for which the customer is liable for payment of the plan.

All prices include GST; prices are subject to change without notice.

Other Charges: SIM Charge = $20, Delivery = $10

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  • wheadle
    Special on gives you above for $9.99 with 200GB ADLS2+ for $79.99 Dont like = 60gb peak, off peak 120gb
    Consists of peak (9am-4am) and off peak (4am-9am) download quota.
    At the time of registration, we debit $20 that is kept as a credit on your account for any usage outside the Cap Value. This $20 is called the `Outside Cap Credit`. The `Outside Cap Credit` is for any calls, text or data that go above your $300 or $550 Cap Value, and may also include any usage at any time that isn't covered by your Cap Value, e.g. premium services or roaming services. If your `Outside Cap Credit` falls below $5 at any time, you be debited by an amount sufficient to bring it back up to $20. Your account will become inactive if our attempts to debit your credit card/bank account to top up your `Outside Cap Credit` to $20 is unsuccessful. If you don't go above your Cap and don't use any services that aren't covered by your Cap Value, your $20 `Outside Cap Credit` won't ever be debited.
    why can't they just bill you? :eek:

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