Telstra - New $49/mth for 24month Next G Cap Plans - $0 Upfront $0 Handset (HTC Desire/iPhone 16GB)

2 July 2010

Telstra has new $49 Next G Cap Plans....
The best news is $0 upfront (or $1 if u sign up online) and $0 monthly repayments for the handset! (Obviously that is worked into the cost, but I won't complain!)

I have been shopping for a new phone/plan, as my 3 phone has expired.
Was going to get another phone with 3, but am really sick of the awful network coverage where I am, as calls keep dropping.. argh!

The new Telstra plans have sold me.. I'm heading over to a shop to sign up!

Now should I get an iPhone or a HTC Desire... leaning towards the desire, as I have an iPhone 8GB on Optus which is also due to expire.....!

The $49 Cap basically covers: $400 worth of calls plus 200MB Data

For more info on breakdown...please click through and check, as I can't be bothered copying/pasting all the info, as there are also cheaper or pricier caps if you want a cheaper phone or want more calls capped.

NB There are other phones/caps available if you click through..

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  • queenshrew
    When I was at the shop today....there was a guy beside me who spent AGES debating on whether he wanted a HTC or an iPhone. I felt like whacking him on the head with my handbag... cos he wouldn't shut up ;p I got the HTC desire. Now I'm playing with's awesome! It comes with only 200MB data, but I was told by the sales rep that I can upgrade online if I find that isn't enough...I can also downgrade from the bigger pack too if I change my mind anytime after that.. sounds great to me! Hoping I don't need more than 200MB!

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