Target - Telstra Prepaid Starter Kit With $25 Credit ONLY $10 From Thursday.

31 March 2008

On sale from Thursday.

While Stock Last.

Rates & Charges
Call rate: 38.5c per 30 seconds
Connection Fee: 27c
SMS: 25c
International SMS: 50c
Picture MMS: 50c
Video MMS: 75c
International MMS (Pic/Vid): 75c
Voicemail: 25c per 30 seconds plus connection fee
Call Diversion: 6c per 30 seconds

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  • Keeys
    anyone know if you can use these for premium sms? Also how many accounts can you have? Hot from me but even hotter depending on the answers to the above questions ;) The comper in me coming out :) :)
  • lilpretzel
    Yes you can & not sure on how many sims you can register but it's quite a few. What I do is register the sim than transfer $10 x 2 & $4 at a total fee of .75c (24hr wait between transfers) only way my girls get their credit. It's called CreditMe2U :)
  • Keeys
    thanks for that there is a comp I'm wanting to put ALOT of entries into so this mimght help me with that ;)
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - how sharp are you lot.
  • Keeys
    I'll let you know when I win ;) :)
  • lisss
    thanks for that there is a comp I'm wanting to put ALOT of entries into so this mimght help me with that ;)
    The only problem with that is, if they picked your entry, wouldn't they try to phone that mobile number??? If u dont have the sim in your phone you'd be in trouble :eek: you might never found out u won!
  • Keeys
    I'd pop the sims back in to check them for missed calls or any messages.
  • bigal
    if you have a pda phone, you can always divert the calls for this prepaid number to your phone and tell your pdaphone to always receive these calls in voicemail :)
  • kearnsy
    Anyone know whether this promotion is available at Target Country stores?
  • geo78
    does not seem to be included in the catalogue for the Target Country stores:
  • photographyisart
    wow this is a great deal! thats a huge saving. awesome if you need some more credit, you can just do what lilpretzel said and transfer the credit over.
  • geo78
    if it not available at your Target Country store, maybe you can try Woolworths/Safeway. they have it for $2.50 more.

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