Switch To Telstra And Receive Cordless Telstra Text Phone - Twin Handset Valued At $149

6 November 2007

Since I'm changing ISP I decided to transfer my home phone back to Telstra so thought this offer may interest somebody.

Lowest plan you can take out is HomeLine Plus $29.95 a month.

Now when you switch to Telstra and connect to a HomeLine Plus, HomeLine Advanced, HomeLine Ultimate, HomeLine Together, HomeLine Reach, BusinessLine Complete, BusinessLine Plus, BusinessLine Advanced, BusinessLine Ultimate, BusinessLine STD Saver, BusinessLine Metro, BusinessLine National, BusinessLine Call Saver, ISDN Home, ISDN 2 BusinessLine Complete, ISDN 2 BusinessLine Plus Plan and stay connected for 12 months, we'll give you a FREE stylish new Twin handset cordless home phone that sends and receives text messages

Telstra Text Phone. Worth $149


Want up to 125 FREE Local Calls?

Remember to ask us about Telstra Reward Options and how you could get up to 125 FREE local calls every month when you combine your eligible fixed service and two other Telstra eligible service types on a Single Bill

( You can get rewards with just one other Telstra product as well )

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  • admin EDITOR
    Have you swapped back to Telstra as your ISP lilpretzel?
  • lilpretzel
    No admin I went with TPG ADSL2+/40GB+110GB Super2 + Telstra phone. I'm paying the same amount as before when I had both products with iinet but receive more usage + bonus rewards with Telstra since hubby has a mobile contract. $69.95 + $29.95 Can't wait to see what plans TPG finally come out with when they release ULL ( Home phone nolonger needed ) Prices suggested so far. ADSL2+ All in One Basic | 25GB* (18 Peak+ 7 Off Peak) | $59.99 ADSL2+ All in One Super | 150GB* (35 Peak+ 115 Off Peak) | $79.99 *Speeds will be shaped to 64k/64k when download quota is reached. :)
  • admin EDITOR
    how does that plan break down? You get 40 gib @ adsl2 and 110 @ super2 ?? Scuse my ignorance.
  • port
    Hmm, the linked pages says (in part):
    Offer ends 30/06/07 or while stocks last.
  • lilpretzel
    (40GB+110GB) = 150GB** $0 churning fee on the 18 months contract. http://www.tpg.com.au/products_services/adsl2plus_pricing.php You get... Speed is ADSL2+ ( Around 70% of TPG ADSL2+ customers can achieve speeds greater than 10Mbps. ) 40 gigs of usage in peak time (7am - 1am) 110 gigs of usage in off peak time (1am - 7am) Download quota only no uploads are included. ( Excellent when using p2p ) If we go over our quota we will be shaped, no extra cost for exceeding your quota. ** Speed will be shaped for the period in which the download quota has been exceeded (peak and/or off peak). PLUS Free IPTV Trial Static IP Address 20 email accounts 30megs Web Space]
  • lilpretzel
    Hmm, the linked pages says (in part): Offer ends 30/06/07 or while stocks last.
    It's been extended :)

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