Speck PixelSkin HD case for iPhone 5 at @ Unique Mobiles shipped for $9

2 July 2013

These Speck PixelSkin HD cases for the iPhone 5 usually go for around $29.99, but you can grab yourself one for just $9 from Unique Mobiles which includes delivery. The list price is only $1 but when adding on shipping (in my case a Sydney post code) you need to add $8 on top. Deal ends tomorrow, 3rd of July.

While running a quick price check on these I saw an interesting deal for the Speck PixelSkin going at iCoverlover.com.au. The cost of one including delivery is $17.64, which is the next best price I could find, but you'll also get two free gifts: an Ultra Crystal SGP iPhone 5 screen protector and a splash resistant smartphone bag. Some might find the extra $8.64 worth the spend to get those two additional items.

Elsewhere I found the Speck PixelSkin going for $29.95 from Myer and the Apple Store, and $38.90 from Mwave. Prices including delivery.

The PixelSkin HD provides a flexible casing design that offers protection which is durable, yet light, and pops on and off in a snap.

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