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8 December 2016

This offer applies to Optus prepaid customers who use their Android phones lock screen as an advertising platform. Along with free data, the telecom company are also throwing in free call credit to sweeten the deal too. This has all become available due to a partnership with New Zealand based start-up called Postr.

Optus Xtra is a free Android app that gives users 1GB of free data or $2 of credit every 28 days, across a variety of Optus prepaid plans. Basically, in exchange for you downloading the app and allowing it to use your lock screen to advertise, they reward you with free data and calls.


If you don’t like the idea of this you can turn away now. However, for those wishing to save money by getting some free data may want to learn more about eligibility. If you have an OptusMy Prepaid Ultimate’, ‘My Prepaid Ultra Plus’, or ‘My Prepaid Ultra’ account, then you can receive 1GB of free data. If you have a ‘My Prepaid Daily Plus’ or ‘$2 Days 4G Ready’ plan then you are eligible to receive the $2 of freebie credit.

Those money conscious customers looking to save a little extra money each month may find this service useful as long as you don’t get tempted into clicking the ads. Once you have clicked an ad it will consume data from your account the same as browsing the Internet would.

The adverts aren’t simply pictures either as you will also witness videos on your lock screen too, which can be tailored to match your interests. Pick from a choice of beauty, employment, fashion, politics, technology, travel and money.

Postr Advertisement app

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