Revolution Telecom: Cheap Mobile call rates, just 9.9c per 30 seconds!

3 April 2007

Just thought I'd tell everyone here at buckscoop about Revolution

They have the cheapest mobile call rates i've seen in a long time.
19.8 cents a minute with 20c flagfall to any Australian landline or mobile.
The call rates are 24-7, no off-peak periods, so you can call who you
want, when you want. Text messages and just 15 cents each.
(even International texts)

Your call credits last 60 days per recharge - and the minimum recharge is
only $10, so if you rarely use your mobile, you won't have to pay in
excess of $5 a month, just to keep your credit valid.
(of course your call credits carry over when you recharge).
You can grab a starter kit for just $20 on their website.

They are based on the Vodafone network - so there's no dramas with reception. ;)

Compare their prices with other popular carriers here:

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  • nod
    Thanks Brad Do they have a flag fall charge? I like your avatar by the way :D
  • Brad
    Just added some more details - flagfall is 20c Take a look at the comparison chart.
  • Emma EDITOR
    Cheers brad :prop:
  • nod
    Great! Thanks for the extra info Brad
  • pow a.
    Thanks Brad :) That's a big saving shown from nod's comparison.
  • schlemster
    Voted hot :)
  • pow a.
    You're having a great week Brad :) Chocolates, compliments, front page deals and umm... Probably lots of free phone calls ;)
  • Brad
    For our newer members - Revolution could be just what you are after as your mobile provider
  • wheadle
    you have to hand it to them. how can they say that charging per 30sec if fair. why not charge for the actual time that you are on the phone, per second. :mad:

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