Pennytel VOIP - 8c UNTIMED calls to 20 countries

4 June 2007

I am in the process of trying to work out the best VOIP offer that is around at the moment. Pennytel appear to have a pretty good offer at the moment.
*If you get your family and friends to join, you can talk to them for free
*You pay only 8c to call 20 selected countries. That price is not per minute but per call
*Plus 13c to Aus mobiles per minute - biller per second

Now as per usual, when you look into these offers they are not as straightforward as they seem
But here is the offer that I think is the best:
You pay $5 a month and you receive - 50 free calls a month (credited at the end of the month). Calls to UK,US,Canada,China,Singapore
- after your 50 free, you only pay 8c per call to a selected 20 countries (link to the list of countries in the comments section)
- 25 free SMS's a month - but it does not say that the receiver of the SMS does not pay - so you would need to be careful with this
- pennytel to pennytel calls are free
- plus people can call you on your special number from Australia, Malayasia and Singapore for the cost of a local call

Not bad I think.
Anyone have any feedback?

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  • nod
  • narut
    They are great value for money, I've been using it for year. The untimed plan just came out few months ago. This provider doesn't provide a comprehensive setup guide, at least year ago they don't have it. But the softphone that run on a PC should be relatively easy to install.
  • nod
    Ah excellent Narut, thanks for the feedback. It is about time that Australia had access to cheap overseas calls. I am very tempted to take up the offer, but I am going to keep looking around I think. Do you get a lot of problems with static Narut or is the line quality pretty good? If anyone is using a VOIP service that they are happy with and think is good value, it would be great if you could pop up a deal
  • hellwolf
    I use Pennytel too, although I just use the timed plan so I still get cheap rates, just not untimed, but no monthly fee.
  • nod
    ah ok Hellwolf... so what do you get charged a minute then? No monthly fee at all?
  • hellwolf
    Yes, that's right I get charged by the minute. There is no monthly fee if you are on the timed plan. If you are on the untimed plan the monthly fee is $5, but you get a free DID, plus untimed national calls, plus 50 free national calls per month. If I needed a DID and if I made more calls national calls and actually called the 20 listed countries it would be an awesome deal. Pennytel's rate to mobiles is really good too, it is 13c no matter if you are on the timed or untimed plan. However, I don't make very many local/STD calls, so I use [url][/url] who charge 9.9 untimed for national calls and don't have a monthly fee either.
  • nod
    9.9c untimed plus no monthly fee - that is good - thanks for the tip Hellwolf
  • narut
    Actually, my g/f use it 99% of the time. Voice quality are generally good, sometimes it went pretty bad (happen around once in 6 hours I think). Apart from that voice are hardly distinguishable from usual phone. I find its reliability is far from telstra phone but it is 8c untimed compare to $1/min.
  • nod
    Telstra's prices are obscene :eek: I think internet calls to landlines are always a bit dodgy. But as you say Narut, when you are only paying 8c for the call, you don't really have too much space to complain Thanks for the feedback
  • mouldgirl
    Thanks so much for this deal and all the information. I need to get some kind of voip thing happening as my overseas phone bills make me cry. This is a place to start.
  • nod
    I have used skype but I am sick of the crappy phone line connections - ok skype to skype though

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