O2 XDA Flame + Jabra BT125 @ Anything Online $1175.22

31 August 2007

Not the cheapest thing I've ever posted and these phones are a little bit lumpy but its a good buy at this price by comparison.

Its unlocked and sim free, covered by oz warranty and from oz distributors. The shipping is also reasonable price ($10.95) and its insured to boot.

So overall not a bad effort. The headset is a $40 sweetner. Ryder have it listed for $1179 but thats without the headset. To get the headset enter BT125FLAME into the coupon box on checkout.

We dont know what the actual cashback rate is from these guys as they have a different rate for different products and theres something silly like 25000 items in their inventory.

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    they've got some pretty serious stuff in this place. One of these little] HP EVA8000 gems for a bargain $264,483 ]60" NEC plasma for a bargain $10,000

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