Nokia Lumia 520 Windows 8 Phone for $148 at Harvey Norman

8 August 2013

Harvey Norman has an excellent price on the Nokia Lumia 520 Windows 8 phone for $148. It'll cost you another $5.95 to have it shipped to metro areas and they're offering the phone in three colours: cyan, black, or yellow.

The last time I priced this phone up not too long ago they were selling for anywhere between $170-$200. I see Kogan and Mobilecity currently have a list price of just less than $160, but once you add shipping on top you're back into the $170 plus range.

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  • Captainjack
    And if you sign up their newsletter you'll receive a $5 off promotion code via email (which it says is valid for the next 100 hours) meaning you'll only need to pay $143! :-)
    Edited By: Captainjack on 2013/08/08 19:23:30: correction

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