Nokia E61 (unlocked and unbranded) @ Next Mobile $598.90 delivered

16 February 2007

If your looking for a Nokia E61 and dont live close enough to someone offering it at that price to be able to pick it up, you can get it from Next for 598.

The phones listed at $595 on the site but shipping is $12 so its not really 595. But once you calculate the phone + shipping - cashback - it comes out to $598.90 which is the best price I could find unless you arent paying by credit card. The cashback wont show on what you pay but will show in your earnings here.

Techoni was actaully cheaper by $2 on its delivered price but its got a 3% credit card surcharge and my assumption is that you'd most likely be paying on CC.

The price difference isnt huge, but I like merchants who wear the card charge.

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  • jumpingjack
    I looked at one of these as they have wifi built-in (so you can switch to voip instead of gsm when available and thus call for free - plus the internet browsing abilities). Anyways decided not to go for it as it's a bit of a beast. Good for someone who wants a mobile office I guess :)

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