Nokia 6760 (free) $29 cap 24m, free V2V calls, FREE USB Modem +1GB/mth, $84 cashback

18 May 2010

After posting the 3 mobile offer for the Nokia 6760 went and checked out Vodafone and found myself a better deal

$29 x 24 = $696
-$84 cashback = $612
USB modem 1GB a month for 12 months $200+ and you actually get 24 months

Combo Cap
$29 a month over 24 months (total minimum cost $696~) and get:

Unlimited 24/7 Vodafone to Vodafone standard national voice calls2
$150 included value a month to use on standard national & international voice & video calls, standard national & international TXT & PXT® & Video PXT®, Mobile Internet (PAYG only), Voicemail retrieval, National Roaming, National (1223) and International (1225) Directory Assistance, 13, 15 and 1800 numbers, Vodafone live!3 browsing (not downloads) & Customer Care calls & re-routed calls calls to numbers that divert to International services2.
Plus a FREE USB Modem with 1GB of data to use each month within Vodafone's 3G Mobile Broadband Zone2.

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  • schlemster
    vodafone site currently down. thats me done for the night then :D
  • nod
    The site is now back up. Great deal. You can get the modem and data for a bit cheaper if you wanted to go on a contract specifically for broadband but as a combo offer I would be happy with this. Remember that the data only applies to: Vodafone's 3G Mobile Broadband Zone2 So check our your ]coverage

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