Nokia 1110i Mobile Phone Unlocked so just slip your sim in. $59.95

28 August 2007

Ideal for use with most providers sims as its unlocked.

I managed to find this cheaper but it was a drop shipper working from a PO box.
Other sites had it at the same price but with shipping on top.

Its not full of bells and whistles but who cares for that price. through for full spec.
Have an easier play at life with the new Nokia 1110i. The black and white display with green background offers you a fresh outlook on staying in touch

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  • nod
    Virgin did have a better offer on this phone - $49.95 and then you could take advantage of the $ 50 free credit. But this has expired. Not a bad price for a basic phone
  • nod
    you could still pick up a $10 bean counter sim and get your $50 credit ]$50 credit

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