Nexus S free on Vodafone $29 cap plan ($180 call value, 200MB data included)

2 May 2011

great value if you are currently out of contract or almost out of contract.

If you sign up on line, you get $50 credited to your bill I think on the 3rd bill. Plus the $84 cash back, it makes the minimum cost for this phone over 2 years $562.

the only fault I can find for this plan is the 200MB data, this can be overcome by the $4 classic data pack which add an extra 700MB. This data pack may be a 12 month commitment, so make sure you read your terms and conditions

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  • nod
    Yeah this is a nice find Bigal. thanks
  • bigal
    nps, just signed up to this over the weekend for the mrs and noticed that this havent been posted.
  • kakyoin01
    Hi bigal, just sign up to the forum because of your deal, i might not digging hard enough; could you tell me how to get the $84? thanks.
  • Rebekah76
    Log into Buckscoop - then before you go anywhere, delete your browsing history/cookies if you've been on the vodafone website recently. in the first post above, the very last line/link: "Buckscoop Cashback: 10% / $84 at Vodafone Mobile Handsets" Click on that - then click on button that says "Click here to visit this merchant and earn cashback" then that will take you to the vodafone website. complete sale as per usual, then just wait and check your buckscoop member account to make sure the sale tracked. If you have any problems you can enter a query, which will launch an investigation as to why your sale hasn't tracked back. (note, it can sometimes take 3 months to get physical $ depending on the merchant) it isn't guaranteed, and sometimes other bonuses/referral links will mean that you don't earn Buckscoop cashback - BUT it is pretty cool to get money for the effort of a few extra clicks.
  • kakyoin01
    ok, thx 4 info but i have confirmation from voda that i cant upgrade my plan not until august ... sigh
  • Protolisk
    Is the link supposed to take us to or
  • admin EDITOR
    Either protolisk. I've changed it to go to the shop.vodafone link as it makes more sense.
  • Protolisk
    Alright thanks, as i'm unsure if my purchase is being tracked.
  • Protolisk
    Hi, my order still isn't being tracked what do I do?
  • bigal
    head to the help desk
  • Protolisk
    Thanks for the link, I had trouble finding it through the help section.
  • datamile
    Mine hasn't tracked either :( .. Will raise ticket after the 14 days. Or should I do it now.

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