Netgear VoIP Adaptor/Router - $19.95 + $20 calling credit @ MyNetFone

2 August 2007

Get the Netgear TA612VLD VOIP Adaptor/Router for $19.95 + $20 bonus calling credit @ MyNetFone.

* Use any two regular telephone handsets to make MyNetFone VoIP calls.
* Plug & Play; simply connect the NETGEAR TA612VLD to your broadband modem and any regular telephone handset to start calling.
* The easiest way to get started with VoIP - satisfaction guaranteed!

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  • sab988
    note that the devices are locked to mynetfone and cannot be used with any other VOIP provider
  • Brad
    Thats a bit sneaky of them. Thanks for the info!
  • nod
    Mynetphones prices are pretty good though I do not agree with the automatic top up that you need to sign up to ]Automatic top up and prices

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