Motorla L6 and bluetooth headset $134 at Kmart

4 January 2007

This is a nice little package deal from Kmart if you are after a new phone for 2007. The down side is that the phone is locked to Telstra prepaid. But you can always unlock it for $50 b4 6 months and $27.50 after.
The L6 unlocked retails for about $200 (lowest I can find about $180 - 200 average price).
So for $134 you get the handset and the bluetooth headset worth about $50. So even if you pay the $50 unlock fee you have still picked yourself up the handset for a good price AND you have a free headset in your pocket.... or on your head.

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  • Homer
    I used to use this phone. I liked it a lot.
  • Guybrush
    That looks like a pretty good price for a phone + bluetooth combo, even if you pay $50 for unlocking. Even better if you're planning to stick with Telstra.

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