HTC One 32GB SIM Free shipped from Amazon UK for ~ $631

13 August 2013

Very good price if you dont mind taking a little bit of risk in buying it off Amazon UK. These have a pretty good reputation as a mobile.

I personally thought the Android implementation from HTC was better than that from Samsung when I swapped my HTC for a S3 ages ago.

List price on is £360.50 for the phone with £12.80 shipping. The warranty is obviously UK but I dont see that as an issue. Its pretty unlikely that its going to land at your door broken and if it does you just get a refund from Amazon - who has probably the best returns policy I've ever come across.

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    Local pricing. Hardly Normal - $686 JB HiFi - $696 Kogan - $709 And then there's the rest of the spammy sites that advertise a low price (the same as the Amazon price) for an international import to look good in the search results - and tack shipping of $1000 on top

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