Grab an Amaysim starter kit for $5, with $5 included credit - free postage & $27 Buckscoop cashback!

1 May 2011

Buckscoop's latest merchant, Amaysim, offers $27 cashback with the purchase of a new prepaid or postpaid sim card.
Prepaid sims/microsims can be ordered, starting at just $5, which includes $5 prepaid credits.

A quick summary of their rates: (Full details can be found by clicking though)
No flagfall/connection fee
15c per min to landlines/mobiles (any network)
12c per sms (any network)
5c per megabyte casual internet browsing

They also offer Australian customer service via their call centre and

They also have data packs for $9.90 which give you 1GB data with a 30-day expiry.

Amaysim runs on the Optus network, providing "coverage to 97% of the population" with 3G.

***Cashback rate refers to the purchase of each new sim, not for subsequent recharges. Only valid when you purchase your sim online via Buckscoop. Be sure to clear your cookies before making your purchase & check Buckscoop Help for further details on how to further ensure your cashback will track.

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  • Sharp
    Is there a limit on cashback e.g one per person etc?
  • nbusy
    What expiry date on this offer is? Can it be trusted at all? I saw similar offer on another site which was withdrawn while people just started to place their orders.
  • admin EDITOR
    I'd always be very wary of the cashback on these type of deals - DONT necessarily expect to get it. The sums just dont work out for the vendor and sooner or later they realise it.
  • admin EDITOR
    Is there a limit on cashback e.g one per person etc?
    Technically no but as I've said above - dont approach this thinking your going to necessarily get the cashback.
  • Nightmarez3k
    I bought one and it tracked does that mean they will pay up or doesn't mean anything until they pay buckscoop?
  • Brad
    yeah I would say that being a new brand they are looking to get as many new customers as they can, as well as encouraging people to give their service a go - hence their investment.
  • JakDac
    Again Is there a limit on cashback e.g one per person etc?
  • tiChen
    Again Is there a limit on cashback e.g one per person etc?
    I think the message is that the cashback will not be reliable. Approach this assuming you won't get the cashback. If you do think of it as a bonus. Amaysim can pull the plug on everyone if there is abuse.
  • voteoften
    do you have to actually use the card to get the cahback?
  • Brad
    The sim comes activated and eventually the $5 included credit would just expire, the cashback is based on each new sim/customer. I would say just it at one per person, but looks like the offer has already expired - at least for the time being.
  • admin EDITOR
    What makes you say that Brad? Its still on sale when I look at the site.
  • Brad
    It seems the merchant is no longer listed as a cashback merchant
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - I hadnt even noticed....
  • nbusy
    So, the offer was dodgy. Nice try, amaysim. I find that sort of marketing very childish and unprofessional.
  • alimac
    Even though this offer has expired - just thought I would update to say that my $27 cashback has now been validated :)

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