DODO - $59.90 Mobile Plan Cap (24 Months) - free mobile phone, Asus EeePC, Mobile broadband modem +

2 February 2009

Mobile Cap - $59.90/month for 24 months (Total cost = $1437.60)

This includes $320 worth of calls + Yes Time + 250MB Mobile Data per month

You ALSO get the following included:
1) Mobile phone from a choice of the following - Nokia 6300/Sony Ericsson K660/Nokia 3120/LG KF310/Nokia 6121
2) Asus EEEPC (8Gig SSD) Black or White rrp $599
3) Mobile Broadband Modem rrp $149 (data not included)
4) Monthly Wireless Broadband Account with 250MB Data

Pretty good value in my opinon. But please note that you have to pick up your phone/items from a Dodo store, or you will have to pay $24.95 for postage.

Also, do read the fine print. The free broadband wireless is included only for the 24 months, but once it goes over, they will start billing you. I haven't gone into the finer details of the terms and conditions, but do read what the conditions are if you decide to terminate the plan early (which I do not recommend, as I know from what I have heard in the past you'll be punished severely).

Not sure about expiry, but will post if I do find it...

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  • queenshrew
  • queenshrew
    A good thing to note is - Dodo mobile handsets are not locked (so you can use it with any network sim). Also, if you prefer, you can upgrade to 3GB Monthly Wireless broadband account instead of the 250MB if you get the $89.90 Mobile Cap. It will be $30 extra per month, but this includes $600 worth of calls + yes time + 500MB Mobile Data as well as all the other freebies in original post.
  • golfwidow
    Maybe a stupid question but the Mobile Broadband isn't just for laptop types computers is it? As in can be used for desktops? Just thinking of cutting off home phone and broadband and going with a dongle till we get a laptop.
  • queenshrew
    The free* wireless broadband is for home use and can be used for laptop or desktops :D 250MB is rather low in my opinion. I would pay the $30 and get 3GB. Would be enough for normal usage for most people. But the mobile broadband modem is for use with netbooks/laptops.. I bought one from three to use with my netbook :) --- I guess you can plug it into your pc too but it's pretty pricey to use if you plan to be stationary lol :o -- I guess it's not really free.. you do actually pay for it lol ;)
  • nod
    250MB is nothing is it - not worth the effort You would have to upgrade to 3gb to actually be able to use it
  • golfwidow
    Yeah I know about the 250mb. I use that just turning my computer on LOL.
  • admin EDITOR
    250 meg is crap. That's probably where they're trying to catch you out. 3 gig is passable, provided your not downloading or updating stuff.

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