Coles Express - Use a 4c Fuel Voucher + Purchase a Telstra Pre Paid $40+ Credit get 10c/L Off Fuel

15 September 2009

Buy a Telstra Pre-Paid recharge for $40 or more and use a Coles 4¢/L off voucher in the same transaction, and get 10¢/L off petrol.

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  • port
    I don't know whether Tips is the right category for this. Also, the offer expires 7/10, not 10/7. :)
  • golfwidow
    Thanks Port. Just fixed it up a bit :)
  • NoosieB
    Love the 10c off the fuel. Every little bit helps. Thanks port. :)
  • port
    Thanks Port. Just fixed it up a bit :)
    Thanks - I've just edited the link destination for the first post. [SIZE="1"](Also, the pic below is clickable).[/SIZE] ]

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