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23 November 2007

Here is one of the ways to get voice over ip (VOIP) telephone (internet-based telephone calls) using Mynetfone.

You need
1. An additional standard handset
2. ADSL broadband with a minimum internet speed of 512 (faster is better).

1. Save money! Untimed calls to a landline anywhere in Australia for 12.5 cents with no additional monthly fee (select the supersaver plan).
2. Calls between other friends or family using Mynetfone for FREE (uses an 8 digit Mynetfone telephone number, not your normal landline). eg if you have family members living in 3 different cities across Australia, each connected to ADSL and Mynetfone, you can call each other for free at any time.
3. No monthly fee (although if you pay a monthly fee your call rates reduce a little).

1. The VOIP adapter is locked to Mynetfone (this really isnt a problem given the upfront cost of $19.95)

*If you already have a VOIP capable modem then all you need to do is connect to Mynetphone, plug in your handset and you are all set !

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  • Brad
    Hey Steve, thanks for the deal post, nice bargain!

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