Book VirginBlue flights via VirginPerks get 5% rebate of fare to your VirginMobile.

12 May 2007

Virgin Blue gives Aussies great prices and the unique Virgin service on flights all around Australia, NZ and the South Pacific. But if you are a Virgin Mobile customer as well, you get even more. A 5% bonus mobile phone credit on the cost of your tickets, to be exact!

So I buy tickets and you put 5% of the cost onto my Virgin Mobile account?

Thats it! When you book and pay for your Virgin Blue flight (after logging into your Virgin Mobile account and selecting My Account/Virgin Mobile Perks/Virgin Blue) you will get 5% of the ticketed internet fare credited back to your Virgin Mobile account.

Eg. You want to book two tickets? Fine. You will get 5% of the total price.

Only thing is the bonus credit is worked out on the base internet fare before GST and all the airport taxes. Bookings allow a max of 4 adult passengers.

You must enter your Virgin Mobile number in the "contact information" window to get the 5% credit. Your credit could take up to 2 months to be applied.

Terms and Conditions: The 5% is worked out on the base internet fare before GST and other airport taxes. Standard Virgin Blue Terms and Conditions apply. This offer is valid only for Virgin Mobile customers and not available in conjunction with any other offer.

Important Note:
The BuckScoop Cashback of $12.25 indicated below refers to rebates available in respect of new phones or new sims.
Further details at:

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  • jas44
    This is brilliant!
  • nod
    Fantastic deal Holdenmg!!! :w00t: One really good thing about Virgin having their fingers in so many pies is that they can offer you this kind of deal! I hope you don't mind but I just listed this deal under Virgin Blue for you - just removes the cashback at the bottom to help people out. But thanks for the explanation! I think is it great and very helpful when people do that :D
  • admin EDITOR
    this is actually a pretty smart deal. Wonder if we have any virgin flights up on the board.
  • nod
    There is another domestic flight sale is there not?
  • admin EDITOR
    For anyone thinking about this - STA travel have a ]virgin blue domestic sale on at the moment. Perth - Melbourne $149 etc. Take one of them and get the 5% back onto your phone...actually - thats assuming you can go through the virgin perks under your mobile account and get the same prices as are available on STA and lastminute.
  • admin EDITOR
    Ha - thats interesting. ]Lastminute have one on as well - except their Perth Melb price is $151. Even more interesting, in a wierdo sort of way - lastminute include a $2 credit card booking fee on all transactions. Dont suppose they've ever heard of alternative payment.
  • schlemster
    messing around onm the virgin site (damn slow at the minute :confused:) and they have sale fligths for 149 perth to melbourne too.
  • crusty
    a trick if you want to fly Perth Sydney and cant get flights at the cheap prices - try booking Perth to Melbourne and you can pick up one that goes Perth to Syd to Melb.
  • admin EDITOR
    ahhhh - ta schlemster. That means you can get the sale price tickets through the virgin site and get your 5% credit. Nice.

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