Apple Iphone - $1400 @ Quikshop + 7.2% cashback + 3% off code

8 September 2007

Quikshop have the Apple Iphone on backorder for ONLY $1400 (LOL) Use the attached voucher below for 3% off, making it $1358, then after $88 cashback, you have a final price of $1270.

So, if you are a wealthy Ipod addict, then this becomes a clean saving of $130, which is nice.

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  • Brad
  • nod
    :eek: mmmmmmmmm Count me out. Even with the $130 saving this is still expensive!!!
  • Brad
    Yeah, I'll be counting myself out too, even once they reach a couple of hundred
  • nod
    You reckon they will go that low??? I think Apple will set a nice high RRP
  • Brad
    I think they will get cheaper (no idea by how much) once they are picked up, and locked to the big telcos.
  • Brad
    hehe, I got colded
  • nod
    :D It happens to us all... just wish a comment would follow
  • Brad
    Whoever the snowman is, I challenge you to find a better discount :whistling:
  • ScarletRubies
    Hey, at least you got colded on something so flippin' expensive. I was given the chill for a FREEBIE!!! (Granted, it was a Vista job, but heck...).
  • schlemster bargain duelling
  • Brad
    For sure, but who is the massive snowman...
  • nod
    The little snowmen are cute. it would be very helpful if people added a comment when they vote. Especially with the cold votes. I guess we talk enough for everyone :o :D
  • ScarletRubies A wonderful opportunity to use one of my favourite toons!
  • Emma EDITOR
    So, if you are a wealthy Ipod addict
    I read that quickly and thought it said:
    So, if you are a wealthy idiot
  • admin EDITOR
    welcome to the chilli bin :D. I've had some colds on the deals .. makes me chuckle. Democracy at work. I do actually want an iphone. Not at this price for a US import but once they finally get their act together and release the unlocked version with 3G. Pretty useless without it. The review I read recently said bits of them were fantastic - like the learning keyboard - but email was painful compared to the blackberry's. I still think they look sexy.
  • nod
    Fashion victim.... you just love your mac!

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