50% off SavvyTel $20 Cap - over 109 calls (based on 1 minute calls) only $10!!!

21 November 2007

Mention the SHOP-A-DOCKET offer to receive 50% out lowest cap! - thanks MiCCAS

You can try Cap and if you want to you can leave anytime. Savvytel is all about providing REAL VALUE ALWAYS and we really mean it. So the choice is yours always... But Savvytel has loads of included value in our Caps such as over 200 International Countries, no one provides this & you can switch between caps to suit your lifestyle once per month, plus more. We encourage you to check out all our Cap plans and see for your self what's included. Additionally we are always here for you, really we love to here from you , please feel free to call us on 1300 885 446 anytime...(during office hours Monday to Friday & 9 to 1 on Saturdays...we sleep too).

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  • nod
    Sounds like a great offer Geo78. But how do I mention the 'Shop-a-docket' offer if I am ordering online? Is this offer only available if you order over the phone?
  • geo78
    oh sorry, it's only available on the phone...so you cannot get cash back...sorry :(

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