$200 cashback with any $30+ Telstra mobile plan at Harvey Norman

16 September 2007

Now I am a little light on the details but I saw a sign in HN's on the w/e to say that you can get $200 cashback if you sign up to Telstra mobile.
I am pretty sure you need to sign up for a 24 month contract but you then get quite a good choice of mobiles free.
I can't find any details at the Telstra site - so I might need to head back to HN.

But if anyone has info please share.
SO a minimum spend of $720 for 2 years and you get a free phone plus $200 in your pocket.

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  • wheadle
    did you end up finding any more about this nod?
  • nod
    :o I have not been back to HN to check. Might be able to pop in on the w/e? Sorry
  • Keeys
    hmm I just noticed this. I just ordered a phone after telstra phoneing me the other day. I didn't get anything special for changing over but figured I'd best do it with cdma closing next Jan. Now I'm wondering if I should just send it back I haven't opened it yet and go to HN and get there deal? Wonder if I phone Telstra and tell them what I'm planning to do if they will give me a deal to match it ? Any ideas ? $200 is alot of money wouldn't bother with the hassel if was only $20 or even $50. hmmmm.....
  • admin EDITOR
    we'll get Nod to trundle off down to Hardly Normals to see if she can find what it is that she's talking about keeys. How much longer do you have before you cant trade the telstra one back in??
  • Keeys
    14 days and it arrived yesterday. So as long as I mail it back next week it will be back to them within the 14days. lol@hardly normals ...I'm stealing that one ;)
  • nod
    Ok ok I will head down there this afternoon :D
  • Keeys
    thanks my nearest is an hour away :(
  • nod
    I am pretty sure this offer is over :( Sorry

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