Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Living with a Smartphone

27 January 2017

The vast majority of us have adapted our lives within the past 5 years to live with a smartphone. This means you have changed your lifestyle to either ensure it has charged on a daily basis, that it has internet connectivity or a range of other useful benefits that these pocket held computers bring with them.

This week our hacks post will look at the best ways to improve our lives with smartphones from extending battery life, to using money saving tips and tricks to reduce data usage. On top of this we look at ways to improve your travel experience with a smartphone and how to get the most out your inbuilt camera.


General Smartphone Hacks

Watch this video to get a general overview of how you can improve areas of your smartphone use. Topics covered are improving photographs, extending battery life, speeding up the performance and how to record video more efficiently.

[Source: Austin Evans]


Data Saving Tips

Those of you who are concerned about consuming too much data per month, or who would like to reduce the amount used to help move onto a lower data plan will find this data saving video ideal. The majority of these hacks are suitable for android smartphones, however the same basics can be applied to your iPhone of Windows Phone if you own one.

[Source: The Android Guy]


Extending Battery Life

If you travel and are rarely near an electricity source either on a daily basis or occasionally, preserving your battery can make all the difference between having a stressful or stress less trip. These extending battery life tips include how to set auto-brightness, turning off vibrations, checking which apps are consuming the most battery and any more.

[Source: fame tech]


Smartphone Cameras

Smartphones these days have better cameras compared to separate digital cameras we used to by 5-10 years ago. The quality of photos generally provided by flagship devices make the phones much more valuable and incredibly portable, if you like to capture photographs on the go. This video will teach you how to get the most out of your smartphone camera.

[Source: COOPH]


General Smartphone Hacks

If the videos above didn’t cover all of the subjects you were looking for today, then this final source of information will give you a general overview of some of the best smartphone hacks you can use immediately.

[Source: Mr. Hacker]

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