Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Keeping Cool In Summer

13 January 2017

During the summer the likely hood of you heading down to the beach may be very probable and that’s why this week we’re focusing on hacks for the beach, using your own swimming pool and general hacks for dealing with the Australian heat. Our aim is offer both money saving hacks and other DIY tips and tricks you can use to potentially reduce the amount money spent keeping cool.

We are going to look at ways to help you deal with the heat, how to save money on practical ways to help you further enjoy your time outdoors in the sun other generally useful pieces of information that can make this summer the coolest yet.


DIY Summer Hacks

There are plenty of summer products out there that cost the earth to buy and only get used for half of the year. This video shows you how to create some of those incredibly handy products for a fraction of the price at home, such as the DIY pool floating ice bucket for your ‘best served cold’ beverages.

[Source: Alisha Marie]


Beach Hacks

As much as we love the beach the combination of heat and sand at times can be enough to get on our nerves. Therefore the following video gives some good advice on how to protect yourself from sand getting into annoying places, or how to build a DIY sun lounger from a towel and two sturdy sticks.

[Source: SuzelleDIY]


Daytime Summer Hacks

Whether you are hanging around the house, pursuing your personal hobbies or other, this video has some great little hacks such as how to make delicious home made lollies or the best ways to store your keys without having to buy a running pack. If you plan on doing neither of these activities, there’s a few more money saving tips thrown in too.

[Source: Fimlsy]


Hot Weather Hacks

If you don’t plan on doing anything mentioned in the above this summer and your only goal is simply to find the best ways to keep cool then watch this. Learn a range of keeping cool during summer hacks, from sitting around the house with your own DIY air-conditioning unit, to keeping those outdoor drinks cooler for longer.

[Source: Household Hacker]


Cooling Car Hacks

The worst thing on a summer’s day is to jump into a boiling hot car that feels like it simply won’t cool down quick enough. These car-cooling hacks will show you the best way to save money and quickly cool down your car without having to blast the air-conditioning to the point where your throat hurts.

[Source: BuzzFeed Blue]


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