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20 January 2017

This week we want to focus on saving money in general every day areas of life. We are going to look at ways you can achieve these tasks whilst spending less money, for example caring for poorly kids or making your own DIY home freshener.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a busy person or not, these money saving hacks will give you some good ideas that you can put into place around the house in very little time, for the benefit of your entire family, kids included.


Dollar Store Hacks

The hacks in this video range from simple ways to keep your car clean by buying a cheap container and converting it into a bin, to more complicated tips such as creating your own washing machine sheets and ice packs. Personally my favourite is the homemade BBQ that can be made practically anywhere.

[Source: Household Hacker]


DIY Home Scents

Everybody wants a good smelling home, but the price of such products can be a huge deterrent, but not for long. You will find a range of DIY scent hacks below from how to create a home made fridge deodoriser, to how to keep your guest toilet smelling fresh without having to buy a battery controlled spray.

[Source: DoltOnaDime]


Household Hacks

Whether you live alone, with a flatmate or your family, there are numerous tips and tricks crammed into this video to help you out around the house to save money. Ditch the expensive drain cleaning acid from the stores and try this DIY technique instead, or build your own personal stereo system on a budget.

[Source: Household Hacker]


Kids and Costs

You can’t have a kid without more costs and if there is anybody who is interested in saving money most its mums. Whether it’s ways to save money caring for your child or preventing them from damaging the doors and walls when they get into a tantrum, there is plenty of advice to see here.

[Source: Awestruck]


Sick and Hurt Children

Looking after a child is tough enough when they are healthy, but when one falls ill or hurts themselves it can increase the pressure on mums. This video shares some great tips on how to deal with a poorly child that has thrown up, or how to have things prepared in the fridge for those days they hurt a knee for example.

[Source: WhatsUpMoms]

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