Save Money Keeping Your Animals Cool This Summer

18 January 2017

As summer begins to heat up our country our households will begin resorting to air-conditioning to keep us cool. However, whilst we are at work we will usually turn it off, but for those with pets we may be inclined to leave it on to help them keep cool during the hottest parts of the day.

This can be an additional expense that can burn a whole our pocket so in order to avoid extra costs, we are going to look at ways you can keep your pets cool and hydrated, whilst saving money on bills. Energy consumption records show that there was an increase last year directly related to A/C being left on for our furry friends so, if you fell victim to this, then today we have money saving solutions for you.


Animals need the ability to leave the house when nature calls so owners may have the tendency to leave doors open in a new phenomenon called ‘humanisation of pets’. The combination of air-conditioning and open doors/windows means the machine has to work extra hard to regulate the temperature and can drastically increase your electricity bill.


Cool Pets staying hydrated in the Hot Australian SummerHow to Keep Pets Cool

The best money saving ideas to keep animals cool will depend entirely on your property. Those with gardens can utilise ideas like providing shaded areas, digging holes or cold tiles. Pet owners with apartments can try things such as providing pets with frozen meat treats, large bowls with plenty of water for hydration and limiting the amount of toys that require physical exertion.

There are plenty of ideas online designed to suit any type of accommodation that you have and one of the best websites I have seen is the Victoria Governments website.

The ideas that I liked the best for keeping animals cooler and saving money were the following:

  1. Running a fan rather than air-conditioning.
  2. Leaving a partially filled paddling pool available to them.
  3. Freezing dog treats inside water.
  4. Automated pet-flaps that lock the animal at hottest part of the day.

If you want further information, tips and tricks on different types of pets cool during summer, e.g. birds, rabbits and any others then click on the 'Victoria Government’ link above.


Pup in a PoolAnimals and Heat

Animals do differ in the way they experience heat, in general the older and unhealthier animals will be less resilient to the heat, plus some breeds may suffer more than others. In general the shorter-snout animals will suffer more because of their restricted breathing e.g. bulldogs, pugs, Persians or exotic cats.

Cats for example can only sweat from their paws which isn’t a large enough space to help them keep cool during midday summer heat.


Energy Costs of Home Cooling

Air-conditioning on average across the country can be responsible for up to 40% of a household’s energy bill, excluding hot water. Pet cooling is a big thing in Australia with up to 63% of households keeping an animal as a pet. In 2013, the Animal Health Alliance released a report stating that there were 4.2 million pet dogs and 3.3 million cats in Australia. Of these animals, 76% of dogs and 92% of cats are kept exclusively or partly indoors.

Summer Pet Safety Tips

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