$200/$400/$600 cash back on selected Samsung fridges from Samsung

2 August 2013

Samsung is running a 3 tier Bonus Cash Back promotion on Samsung French Door Refrigerators. After buying any of the models participating in this promotion, you´ll receive a Citibank gift card to the value of $200, $400 or $600. This card can be used anywhere where they accept Visa or MasterCard payments.

This promotion is only valid on the following models purchased from an authorized retailer before the 12th of August.

Tier 1 - $600 cash back:
SRF936CLS (volume 936l: refrigerator 570l, freezer 366l)
SRF801GDLS (volume 801l: refrigerator 461l, freezer 225l)
SRF800WGDLS (volume 801l: refrigerator 572l, freezer 229l)

Tier 2 - $400 cash back:
SRF731GDLS (volume 731l: refrigerator 411l, freezer 211l)
SRF639GDLS (volume 639l: refrigerator 419l, freezer 220l)

Tier 3 - $200 cash back:
SRF579DLS (volume 579l)
SRF527DSLS (volume 527l)

To claim your gift card, you´ll have to register online within 14 days of your purchase. Click on the link and follow the instructions provided by Samsung.

This promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other offer and excludes "C grade" or "seconds" products.

Make sure you read the T&Cs regarding eligibility.

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  • vikk
    If you need a new fridge, with this cash back promotion you could get a pretty good bargain. Here are an example for each tier with the best prices I could find online: The most economical one would be to buy the SRF527DSLS. This fridge is going for $1,504 at The Electric Discounter including delivery to Sydney. $200 (in cash back) off that price gives you a saving equivalent to 13%. In the second tier, qualifying for $400 cash back, the best deal in my opinion is the SRF639GDLS at $2,155 with shipping from Appliance Central. And from the high end fridges, it seems like the SRF801GDLS is the best value at only $2,862 delivered (to Sydney) at The Electric Discounter. This is a pretty good price, as this model goes for over $3000 at any other retailers. This means that with the $600 cash back promotion from Samsung, you would get $800 off the regular price on this fridge buying it from The Electric Discounter.
  • wfdTamar
    Where are the 2-3-400 litre fridges (and not just the low spec ones)? No wonder we consume so much power - a 900 litre fridge? Really.

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