Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Travelling Made Easier

Australia is a large country and for many of us that means traveling further than the average European to get to work or generally in our daily lives. In todays modern society there are numerous ways to get around including, cars, bikes, trains, bicycles, boats and other forms of public transport.

Those of you who travel on a daily basis using any of the modes of transport mentioned above might be wondering how you can make your trip more pleasant or easier to deal with. Today we look at some of the best ways you can hack your mode of transport to make that journey a better version of what it was before.


Bicycle Hacks

This is a great video produced by cyclist enthusiast themselves, who have had to deal with the issues of cycling on a daily basis. Learn how you can save a punctured tire to at least get you home or find out new ways that your cycling gear can be used for special party tricks with your other cycling buddies.

[Source: Global Cycling Network]


Motorcycle Hacks

Those of you who enjoy less traffic will be used to travelling via motorbike, but if you don’t have an ‘all singing all dancing’ motorbike with heating and radio etc. then these hacks will certainly make your trip more friendly. The tricks in the video below will help you deal with wet weather conditions, foggy visors and how to get the traffic light sensors to know when you are waiting.

[Source: Fortnine]


Car Hacks

If you have a car because you prefer a safer form of travel either for yourself of the kids then here are some great tips on how to make the ride less strenuous for the entire family. The school rush can be exactly that, a massive rush, so the last thing you want is to deal with tantrums which brings me to the hacks included in the following video. Say goodbye to troublesome kids when you travel in the car from now on.

[Source: Awestruck]


Flight Hacks

If you have a trip planned either within Oz or further afield then there is a high chance you will be taking luggage with you. This entire process can be stressful, from having to pack enough of the right items to sitting in a confined cylinder shooting through the sky. This video contains some useful hacks to help you deal with the process of packing for a flight and how to ensure you utilise the most amount of space available, either for short or long trips.

[Source: BuzzFeedVideo]


Resting Whilst Travelling

Longer journeys can really take a toll on our energy levels, especially if some of us have to travel up to an hour each way to work and back. Catching those few extra minutes of sleep can mean the difference between 2 coffees per day and 6, not to mention the work performance. This hacks video gives some great advice on how to sleep during long flight and train journeys, whilst making sure you’re comfortable at the same time.

[Source: Soniastravel]

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