Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Labour Day Weekend

That’s right Labour Day is upon us and its time to celebrate the first day of spring in the only way we Aussies know. If you are worried that your plans might change due to the recent bad weather and state-wide blackouts, but have decided to go ahead as normal anyway, expect to find great BBQ and camping hacks to ensure the important things still go ahead.

It wouldn’t be a true labour day without whacking some meat on the BBQ, so if you plan on cooking steaks or burgers, we’ve got some great hacks to how to out do yourself this year. Additionally, if you need to entertain the kids either out at camp site or indoors due to bad weather we’ve got your back covered too.


Labour Day BBQ Grilling

This video not only gives great recommendations for cooking on the BBQ, but it also shows you excellent hacks for laying out coals to get an even cook. A few of my favourite hacks were how to prepare skewer sticks in order to prevent them from burning and also how to get wood smoked salmon and other fish all within the same BBQ.

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Genius Camping Hacks

There’s something special about going out into nature and camping for a few nights to experience what life would be like if we weren’t such an intelligent race. However, if you need ways to keep the kids entertained because they don’t have their comforts from home, then here are some inspiring hacks to make them feel like they are king of camp. Teach each kid a few different hacks and they can spend the trip competing for who knows more cool camping tricks.

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Burger Hacks

More likely than not, whenever a BBQ is cooking even if you don’t like them yourself, someone will be wishing for a burger in the group. Due to their popularity it can lead to varied experiences of eating good and bad burgers. My advice would be don’t fall into the same bad category, instead master these burger hacks to win the hearts of even the most scrupulous burger critics.

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Steak King

If cooking raw meat is more your thing and you take pride in preparing a great steak that you bought from your specialist butcher, but the weather has taken a turn for the worse and the BBQ is out of action, we have a solution. These interesting steak hacks help you achieve your goal of meat perfection all from within the kitchen, so you can ignore potentially bad weather and stick to the good things in life.

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Entertain the Kids at Home

If the weather continues to be bad over the weekend and through into Labour Day but you still want to make the most of the time you have with your kids besides sitting in front of the TV, here’s the solution. Kid’s minds are incredibly imaginative, so fuel their imagination with 10 engaging and magic scientific experiments so they have something to boast about when they head into school.

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