Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Clever Multiple-purpose Tips for Household Items

House cleaning and general household maintenance is something we all need to do if we want a home to be proud of. Today I'll be giving you a few tips that'll improve your chore efficiency as well as reduce the amount of chemicals used in your home by showing you multiple ways to use ordinary household goods.

Expect to find creative suggestions of multiple ways to use products that you'd normally find around the house. Also, if you have any hacks of your own that you would like to share, please feel free to leave comment below to help the rest of the Buckscoop community.


Home Made Air Fresheners

Even a brand new house can sometimes carry an unwanted scent, so it’s natural for the inhabitants to want to change this for a more pleasing smell. You could opt to buy an expensive air freshener either as a spray or an expensive candle from the supermarket or homeware store, but a more affordable option could be to create your own air freshener with just 2 ingredients for considerably less money. This is your opportunity to stop filing up your oxygen space with scented chemicals and try making your own.

[Source: Aim to Create]


7 Household Hacks Using Salt

Before seeing this video, I hadn't realised how many useful purposes salt had in terms of helping clean up around the house. From helping extinguish a fire on your stove to giving the surface of your old iron a sparkling finish once again, salt in my books is definitely the unsung hero of DIY cleanups around the house. The other great thing about salt is that it's very affordable in large quantities and easily accessible. So if you haven’t been using salt to its full potential, here's how you can.

[Source: Household Hacker]


Hidden Microwave Uses

When I think 'microwave', I think primarily about heating up food or defrosting food. The main reason most people own one is for speed of heating things up. However, beyond this lies a new horizon, one that unlocks a world of different uses e.g. making crispy bacon or heat pads in no time at all. The video below will explain everything in more detail.

[Source: Household Hacker]


De-Cloud Drinking Glasses

We all know that we are cleaning our drinking glasses correctly, but sometimes they still get cloudy through no fault of our own. It’s not the best impression to give guests who come to visit and if it makes you feel uncomfortable then this is the sure fire way to rectify the problem and get your shiny glasses back. This doesn’t require you to spend more money or buy new ones, rather it demands that you use something to tackle the common hard water problem that is causing the cloudiness in the first place.

[Source: Bottomline Inc]


Household Iron Hacks

The iron, possibly one of the most boring household items to ever exist. Give one to your mother or girlfriend as a present and you might find yourself in a new relationship solely with that iron. As boring as the iron can be though, generally because it’s always associated with that huge pile of un-ironed clothes you've been ignoring, there are some very useful hacks that you can use it for around the house, especially to help you save money on certain tasks such as laminating documents, but to name just one useful example. I will let the video explain in more detail though.

[Source: Household Hacker]

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