Two Cracking Lavazza Coffee Machine Deals: $129 with 144 Capsules or $40 Without

Officeworks are currently running a special offer on their Lavazza A Modo Mio Simpla capsule coffee machine. For the standard price of $129 you not only get the capsule coffee Machine, but you will also receive a mixed box of 144 Lavazza Modo Mio capsules plus free delivery, which is a bargain.


The machine comes with a number of features such as power saving mode, an XL tank for making numerous espressos, adjustable height for small or large cups and an inbuilt bin that stores 10 used capsules. If, however, you're on a tighter budget or are only interested in buying the machine itself, then keep reading to find out where you can stack Lavazza's current cash back offer with to get this machine for just $40 (as Officeworks is excluded from the cash back promo).


Shopping around online for the same coffee machine you'll find that other retailers selling the machine on its own, without the 144 coffee capsules. To put the value of capsule bundle into perspective, they usually come in packs of 16 capsules which will cost you $10.97 or $0.69 per capsule from Officeworks (which happens to be about the cheapest available right now). Thus, for 144 capsules you're getting an additional $98.73 in value.

The machine itself directly from Lavazza is $99.99, while most other stores such as David Smith and Target are charging $129 for it before shipping.

For the best price available on the machine alone, head to Myer who currently have it on clearance for just $70.

But it gets even better as Lavazz also has a $30 cash back promotion running at present. Although Officeworks unfortunately doesn't qualify for the cash back discount, since it's not listed as a participating retailer, Myer certainly does. This means you can get the A Modo Mio Simpla capsule coffee machine for only $40 - which is a steal.

Officeworks Lavazza Coffee Machine Deal

For those savvy-savers of you already wondering whether it's cheaper overall to buy the machine from Myer first and then to get the 144 capsules separately elsewhere, the simple answer is no. The majority of places that have the Lavazza capsules for sale online have them priced at between $10.97 and $14.

As mentioned above, the value of the 144 capsules from Officeworks is $98.73. So if you add that to the purchase of the machine from Myer, you'll end up paying $138.73 in total (i.e. $40 + $98.73).  Thus, going for the Officeworks deal works out a bit cheaper in the end.

Myer Lavazza Coffee Machine Cash Back Deal

In summary, if you enjoy your coffee and would like an exceptionally good deal this Christmas, the Officeworks offer gives you everything you need in one package. However, if you like the idea of paying just $40 for the machine and aren't too fussed about having 144 capsules, then heading to Myer instead is your best bet.

This coffee machine could also be an excellent Christmas gift, which if you purchased from Myer along with a single 16 pack of capsules from Officeworks, would only end up costing you a reasonable $50.97. Although this option makes more sense if you're able to visit both stores in person thus avoiding having to pay shipping fees twice for each online order.


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