Masters’ Closing Down Sale – The Best Deals and Bargains Amidst the Chaos

In recent history we have seen the diabolical shambles that went on during the closing down sale of Dick Smith and you would have thought people were paying attention. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Masters based on their current actions, because the sale has melted down into a pile of chaos, confusion and customer frustration, but there are some bargains to be had.

The greatest scandal during the Dick Smith closing down sale was that staff were being providing poor customer service and even hiding the best items away for themselves and by the looks of Masters’ Facebook page, it appears customers are feeling the same animosity due to the reasons. So, amidst the chaos are there any deals that you should be aware of and what are they?


Masters Closing Down Sale Discounted productsMasters is faced with a problem of trying to liquidate $500 million worth of stock and it needs to do this before 11th December, but with little order the Woolworths owned chain is struggling badly. There are certain things that you should be aware of if you are looking for deals online and that is complaints such as customers buying things online, but when they go to collect their items the store has been out of stock for over a week.

Another terrible hiccup for deal and bargain hunters is the fact that the price of advertised stock online has been different to that in store, so beware if you are hunting around online but plan to go into the store to actually buy your item.

Besides all of the chaos Masters have said that they will honour all warranties because they will be preserved under the new Woolworths-based scheme that will be unveiled at a later date.

McCulloch 35cm 36CC Chainsaw for $188.10If you have been waiting for deals and bargains to rear their heads from the depths of Masters’ fire sale then you have come to the right place. Our professional deal hunters like ‘Earth’ and ‘vikk’ have been hot on the heels of any deal that makes itself visible during this Masters closing down sale. Plus, on a basket comparison containing 10 items between Bunnings and Masters, the later came out cheaper on all but three items. Certain hand tools are not cheaper at Masters even if you include the 10% discount, but other products such as paint are much cheaper than the competition. Below are some of the better deals we have seen so far:

  • Home Handyman 2 – 18V drill for $35.10
  • 4L tin of mid-range white ceiling paint for $31.36 (Bunnings: $42.50)
  • McCulloch 35cm 36CC Chainsaw for $188.10 (Bunnings: $205)
  • Bosch 18V cordless combi-drill for $120 (Bunnings: $240)
  • Shirleys No.17 Lawn Food 20kg for $29.69 (Bunnings: $31.79)
  • Stanley FatMax retractable knife for $13.49 (Bunnings: $19.95)

These deals are a good start from Masters if you can ignore the complaints about customer service and low discounts on certain product ranges, plus as the months go past we will be expecting the chain to continue increasing its discounts hopefully storewide. Remember that all stores will finally close their doors on the 11th December so if you do find anything worth sharing, pop it in the comments section below.

Masters' Closing Down Sales up to 40% discount instore

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