Cheap Meals for Two Based On All the Deals in Sydney

If you and your other half enjoy heading out for a good meal every so often, then make sure you read this post before your next excursion. I've researched all the deals in Sydney based on the top daily deals sites and come up with a list of suggestions that offer the best value for money.

The list is broken down by deal site including the likes of Scoopon, LivingSocial and Ourdeal. For each one I've outlined what the offer is as well as described why I felt it offered excellent value (based on things like customer reviews, discount level, location etc) over all the other deals that I looked at. There are a choice of cuisines, because at the end of the day not everybody likes Chinese, am I right?


SCOOPON - 5 Course Fine Dining Meal + Bottle of Wine

Scoopon daily deals sydney meal for two at Swittotel

First up is Scoopon with a modern Australian fine dining deal consisting of a 5-course meal plus a bottle of wine at the JPB restaurant in the Swissotel. This feeds two people for just $79 or four people for $158. You can see the entire menu here but for a quick breakdown of the course options, see below.

Course 1 – Damper stuffed with garlic butter

Course 2 – Beetroot and cured ocean trout with salad

Course 3 – Pickled beetroot salad with orange

Course 4 – Beef short loin OR Tasmanian salmon with lemon

Course 5 – Orange blossom and polenta cake

Wine – Cabernet Merlot OR Sauvignon Blanc


The JPB restaurant has a solid 3.5 star rating on tripadvisor. This online Sydney deal is valid from 15th October to 14th December 2015 and redeemable from 17:30 – 20:30 Monday to Sunday. A 24-hour cancellation policy does apply.


A cheap meal for two using online sydney dealsCustomer Tips

Those couples out there looking to extend the night beyond dinner, but who still need to be back in time for the babysitter can save money at the lounge bar. Happy hour runs from 17:00 to 19:00 and a number of previous customers have mentioned that it’s a great place to unwind before a meal.


What Customers Thought

Numerous people spoke very highly of the food presentation as well as the great service by waiting staff. Portion sizes were all reasonable, albeit they were reduced from the a la carte menu. Certain customers mentioned the waiting time between courses were a little lengthy, therefore, our recommendation would be to aim to eat earlier or potentially not on a Friday or Saturday night (especially if you plan on having a babysitter waiting at home).


Prices without Online Deal

As a comparison, I selected a similar 5 course meal from their online a la carte menu to get an idea of how much you'd be saving through Scoopon's offer, and this is what the total bill came to without the discount:

  • 2 people: $168 (vs $79)
  • 4 people: $336 (vs $158)



LIVINGSOCIAL - 3 Course Balkan Meal + Glass of Wine/Beer

Bona Fides Restaurant cafe daily deal in sydney discount coupon

LivingSocial has a superb offer at Bona Fides café restaurant (Druitt street, CBD) which includes a Balkan three-course meal for two ($59) or four people ($115) and also comes with a glass of beer or wine. The full menu can be downloaded as a PDF if you're interested to see what kinds of dishes they'll be serving up. The T&C’s of LivingSocial's deal don’t mention anywhere that you are limited to pre-selected courses, so it would appear as though you have the entire menu to choose from (a big plus). That makes this deal an exceptionally good offer purely because their menu has so much choice. This is what I would choose:

Course 1 – Bonafides fresh avocado and grilled chicken ($18.90)

Course 2 – Steak of the day ($30.90)

Course 3 – Vienna Coffee ($6.00)

Wine – Nugan Estate, Shiraz 2015, McLaren Vale ($10 per glass)


Customers on tripadvisor have rated this restaurant a solid 4 stars (out of 5) and impressively, it’s rated number 392 out of 4,473 restaurants in Sydney. The deal only expires on the 12th February 2016 and is redeemable for dinner from Monday to Saturday but limited to lunch on the weekends.


Customer Tips

The restaurant is directly across from the town hall and very central to the Liverpool shopping centre, so perhaps the perfect place to unwind after some (dreaded) Christmas shopping. Numerous customers also commented on its location, mentioning that it’s very close to the train station, car parks and the centre of CBD.


What Customers Thought

Service has been ranked as the highest attribute of this establishment with words like "friendly" and "attentive" being used regularly throughout the tripadvisor commentary. Portions were also considered as generous and very tasty whilst others expressed how their expectations had been exceeded by the entire experience.


Prices without Online Deal

This affordable Sydney deal seemingly allows you to choose your courses from the entire menu, therefore based on my choice of courses above, this is how much it would cost if you didn’t use the Ourdeals offer. Those of you planning on eating desert would receive an even higher bill:

  • 2 People: $111.60 (vs $59)
  • 4 People: $223.20 (vs $115)



OURDEAL - Bucket of Prawns and a Bottle of Wine

Blue Fish seafood online deals coupon sydney

This is the budget option for those of you looking to keeps costs as low as possible, but by no means is it the lowest quality option. Quite the opposite actually. The Blue Fish Seafood restaurant on Promenade Darling is offering buckets of prawns and a bottle of wine for 2, 4 and 6 diners. The amount of diners represents the amount of buckets you receive; two people + 1 bottle of wine ($35), four diners + 2 bottles of wine ($69) and six people + 3 bottles of wine ($99). There is a choice of three wines: a red, white and sparkling wine.

In my eyes, the fact that this restaurant was the winner of the National Favourite Seafood Restaurant Award in 2014 makes this Sydney deal exceptionally good value for money.

Reviewers on tripadvisor have rated Blue Fish a solid 4 stars with over 190 ratings of either excellent or very good. It’s ranked 555 out of 4,473 restaurants in Sydney, which again is testament to its service and quality. This offer is available until the 29th February 2016.


discount coupons sydney cheap meal for twoCustomer Tips

Customers who visited without daily deal coupon mentioned that when the prawn bucket and wine deal goes on offer, you should snap it up as it's simply great value for money. It's location right on the waterfront, as well as its close proximity to Habourside shopping and car parks, makes this a desirable place for lunch.


What Customers Thought

Tripadvisor reviews stated that it could be mistaken for a tourist trap due to its location, but the quality of the food and excellent customer service were clear evidence to the contrary. Other daily deal voucher customers expected to be treated differently but were pleasantly surprised and would happily return and pay full price (which I think speaks volumes itself).


Price without Online Deal

The deal is quite simple, so it’s basically a matter of deciding how many people you would like to go with. The bill would come to the following as per the restaurants menu:

  • 2 People: $90 (vs $35)
  • 4 People: $190 (vs $69)
  • 6 People: $285 (vs $99)


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