VS Sassoon Secret Curl Pop Up Roller 6 Pack - VSR63A for $2 at Big W (save $17)

12 January 2017

Hot deal.

I was just browsing through the hair care section at Big W and this VS Sassoon Secret Curl Pop Up Roller 6 pack came up for only $2 (save $17).

Couldn’t find the pack of 6 anywhere else but the 12 pack of these rollers can cost you up to $50 depending on where you buy them so this is a true bargain.

Unfortunately they don’t have two different sizes of rollers available in this set like they do in the pack of 12, but really who’s complaining at this price.

• Gentler method of curling recommended by hair professionals. 
• Silicone pop-up rollers, simply heat, roll, click, repeat.
• 6 Pack. 
• Rollers don't apply heat directly to your hair = less damage every time your curl.
• Get radiant, salon-grade shine.
• Clipless design means no creases. 
• Very easy to use.

Offer is available in store only.

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