Target - Schick Quattro Titanium Razor Refill over 40% off + 50% free (equates to 60% off)

2 September 2010

Target have 40% off their Schick Quattro Titanium razors refills (advertised as 4 packs), but in store they also have the packs with a bonus 2 razors (for the same price).

Normally the packs are around $16-$16.50 each ($16.44 in Woolworths) ($4/razor cartridge)

The 6 (or 4) packs are down to $8.95 ($1.65/razor cartridge for 6 pack)

Works out at 60% off the normal price. Is a great deal, particularly as the refills normally aren't discounted, just the razors (so you have to the buy refills)

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