Smart Poppy - Clearance Sale - Starting @ $5.00 NOW OFFERING BUCKSCOOP CASHBACK

7 August 2008

I Love this site, everytime i log on there is new bargains.
Plus they alsway have the $5.00 Juicy Tubes!!!

One of my favorites
Clinique Facial Soap "Extra Strength" 50g
RRP $28 ***CLEARANCE*** Clinique Skincare: $9.51

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  • mrsjo
    I have just put in an order, thank you fairybelle! first time visiting the site, and they do have great specials :)
  • fairybelle
    No problem... The customer service here is also top notch
  • nod
    Love it when we can grab a good merchant to add to our Bucky list Smart Poppy now offer 9% cashback on all validated purchases yippeee! As they are new make sure you clear all your cookies :)
  • lilpretzel
  • nod
    It appears that the $5 clearance sale is still on :w00t: with juicy tubes still available :)
    Free shipping * Orders over $65 have free shipping via regular delivery * Orders over $100 have free shipping via express post How much is shipping? Shipping costs are: * $4.99 for regular delivery * $6.99 for express delivery * $12.50 for express registered delivery This is a flat amount for each order, regardless of size, weight, number of items, etc
  • thanratt
    Just placed an order too. Great deal thanks!
  • thanratt
    Just placed an order too. Great deal thanks!
    Forgot to enter newcustomer at checkout to get my freebie though - nevermind. New customers make sure you enter the code 'newcustomer'
  • lilpretzel
    Thanratt, why don't you send them a message from your account to let you know your a new customer ;) ]send a message from your account.
    [SIZE=5] [SIZE=3] [SIZE=4][SIZE=2]New Customers! [/SIZE][SIZE=4] [SIZE=2] [/SIZE][SIZE=2] Your free gift this month, while stocks last, is a Green Tea Holistic Fragrance Roll-on from The Healing Garden. [/SIZE] [SIZE=3][SIZE=2] [/SIZE] [SIZE=2]Add the code "newcustomer" in the COMMENTS box during checkout. [/SIZE] [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/SIZE]
  • thanratt
    Thanks for the tip Lilpretzel. They contacted me and have added the freebie to my order. Definitely agree with fairybelle that the customer service here is excellent. :)

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