Sample mineral make up kit just pay postage

11 March 2008

3 Foundations
1 Blushes & Face Colors
1 Concealers

Limit: One per order. Please note, these are not full sizes but samples sizes. They are good for 3 to 6 applications.

You pick which samples you would like. It is American but sends here. Can pay with Paypal. Costs around $5.05.

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  • golfwidow
    I ordered mine yesterday so just waiting to see what it is like. Huge range to choose from to match your skin type/colours.
  • ScarletRubies
    Suppose a week is too soon to ask if it has arrived? I'm interested to hear about this stuff when you have a chance...
  • golfwidow
    Hasnt arrived yet bit will report when it does :)
  • MamaK
    I ordered this last year, it's lreally nice, light but even cover and the blushes are gorgeous with some having a little bit of sparkle. Mine got tipped out by my 3yr old though, will have to order some more.
  • golfwidow
    Got my samples. Have to get a proper powder brush (my5yo decided to wash mine and has not recovered) to try them out properly. Samples are cute and by the size i would say maybe 3 full face coverage in each one? Blush would last a while as i got a darker one so i only need very little.
  • Keeys
    thanks for the photo, I'm a visual person and was umming and arring about getting them but that photo has convinced me ;)
  • voteoften
    I received mine as well. Nice sizes. Lighter colours than expected, so you might keep that in mind if you decide to order.
  • Keeys
    thanks for that, I guess one of the problems with picking colours every monitor makes it look different.
  • golfwidow
    Mine were ok colour wise but i am fair anyway but yes they do tend to be lighter than expected :)
  • voteoften
    I am actually pretty happy with Loreal's mineral foundation, so although I do get tempted by these sorts of offers, I will probably stick with Loreal. Otherwise I risk running out and facing a wait for my colour to arrive. I wish I had ordered a darker blush now. I would like to try a mineral blush.
  • winniblu
    YAY! I got mine today! they were well packaged Thanks for the push in the right direction
  • Gallifrey
    hot, thanks, just ordered mine now :-)
  • photographyisart
    sounds great reasonable postage price too! thanks :)
  • Gallifrey
    yeah, postage was still $5.05 worldwide!!

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