SALE-Ebration on at Benefit Cosmetics

30 December 2008

There is some good savings but the exchange rate still stings a bit
Might be alright if you do a joint order with someone else to get the free shipping
Actually i wouldnt mind doing a group order

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  • fairybelle $15.00 and it looks like they have all shades... that is great its about $58 from Myer from memory
  • queenshrew
    I love Benefit stuff! :D Do you know if these are old stock? ---- ETA: How do I get free shipping, fairybelle? :)
  • queenshrew
    Nevermind, as usual I answer my own question lol :D Enter code: WORLD115 Free Shipping for purchases above $115(US) Otherwise it is $4.99 + $2.49 each additional item! That's a lot of products! Fairybelle, would you like to share shipping with me? :p
  • fairybelle
    yeah would love to actually... wouldnt want to spend $115US on my own

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