Safeway/Woolworths - 2 Wella Balsam Shampoos or Conditioners for $3

4 September 2008

Safeway in Victoria (and maybe other states) has on special this week 375ml Wella Balsam Shampoos or Conditioners for $3 ($1.50 each).

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  • wheadle
    gf happy ;)
  • jenniet
    I think this is a great deal! Already purchased mine and tried them today - never used wella balsam before. Not bad at all and certainly can't complain at $1.50 each (when you buy 2 that is). Always good as back up at the very least! or even for making up gift hampers if your in the market for that sort of thing - Christmas maybe??
  • admin EDITOR
    I cant think of Wella Balsam and not picture that ad campaign they ran years ago where there was a lady in the shower doing what could be interpreted as very suggestive things to a shampoo bottle that was doubling as a microphone. Or was that just my small mind?
  • craftykiwi
    I've always been very happy with the normal hair one. Think I tried the everyday once when we were on holiday and there was a bit of a reaction so don't get that anymore. But these days when tests have shown that there is often very little difference between some of the cheaper and dearer brands, and some of the cheaper ones are even better, why pay more than you need. Also good to stock up on some for going away, school camps, etc. where it then won't matter if you forget to bring them home. Yes admin whenever I see them in the store I immediately recall the old jingle - more than the ad itself, but then as a female I probably didn't take as much notice of the woman as you did!!
  • jenniet
    Oh I don't remember the wella ad. I do remember the decore ad though and can't forget the jingle........ Decore...D....D.... Decore...D...D... etc.
  • admin EDITOR
    ahhhh - I might be getting confused - the decore....e....e.... rings a bell....

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