RY: GHD hair straightener giftbox reduced to $299 (normally $349)

25 December 2007


The ghd christmas giftbox set contains:
ghd IV styler enclosed within the brilliant gold giftbox!
ghd metallic clutch bag (heat proof for storage of the ghd)
ghd metallic coin purse
ghd compact mirror
ghd creation spray 50ml
ghd thermal protector - normal to fine 50ml
ghd instructional dvd

TOPICS:   Health and Beauty


  • GreatWhiteHunter
    You can do better on EBAY any day of the week
  • admin EDITOR
    Was that you that was looking for one of these a while back larabelle? Someone was.
  • larabelle
    No it wasn't me (my hair is way too short to use one of these) but someone was after one recently in the Find Me forum. I have heard it's a terrific product - one of the best. Ebay deals are cheaper but there is a huge trade in fakes for this item, so I guess if you really want a quality one, it's good to stick to a reputable dealer.
  • admin EDITOR
    Ha - there's a trade in fake hair straighteners ! :confused:
  • Emma EDITOR
    Yeah, there is. I definitely would not buy these on ebay. I love my GHDs, one of the best purchases I ever made!

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