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22 September 2007

RRP $26.95

Rescue Remedy : To Comfort & Reassure

Manufacturer: Bach Flower Remedies

Size: 20ml dropper

The Original Flower Remedy discovered by Dr Bach in the 1930s.

Helps you cope in balancing life's ups and downs.

Assists the return to a more positive outlook when you need comfort and reassurance.

Provides support at times of emotional demand, such as before a driving test, interview, exam or flight or when you simply need a little help.

Suitable for all the family.

TOPICS:   Health and Beauty


  • Emma EDITOR
    You use this stuff?? My mum swears by it, but I've never tried it :)
  • ScarletRubies
    Rescue Remedy, or the Australian equivalent, Emergency Essence (Australian Bush Flower Essences) don't seem to have a quantifiable effect on me. I believe (for me) the influence is primarily psychological, but can accept that it has a larger influence on others. Jayne, I'd recommend getting a bottle and trying it.
  • fairybelle
    I have had it before, i can never work out if its working or its a placebo?
  • nod
    I think there is amazing power in the placebo - I completely agree that most of it is probably psychological
  • admin EDITOR
    My sister gave me some of this a long time ago after I had my wisdom teeth out.. did zip. Still blew up like a chipmunk and had lots of pain.

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