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29 March 2011

Noticed that as well as the current clearlycontacts deal, glassesonline had a promotion coming up, and just thought it might be an opportunity to also put in one place some of the discount optical sites I know of. Many also sell contacts and other items, but I'm just concentrating on glasses for this....

The following you *might* be able to claim on your private health insurance. Will vary depending on site and health fund, and no guarantees....

www.glassesonline.com.au - 9% buckscoop$ - current deal is 'Countdown Sale plus $80 Virgin Wines voucher' - use voucher 'SAVENOW'. Typical glasses price $49 - shipping $4.50 first pair, 2 or more pairs free shipping.
www.visiondirect.com.au - 8% buckscoop
www.clearlycontacts.com.au - 8% buckscoop
www.ausspecs.com.au - Typical glasses price $38 - shipping $8.50

The followng you almost certainly will not be able to claim, on the other hand they can be even cheaper than those above.

Note that with all of these, the cheapest glasses are usually the ones with generic frames (such as zenni, optical4less). Doesn't mean that they are bad, of course...

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