Opsm - Free Pair Of Sunglasses With 6 Month Supply Of Contact Lenses (Worth $200)

13 July 2009

You have to purchase 6 months supply of Disposable Contact Lenses and then you can pick any sunglasses from the store (up to $200 value). If you want a more expensive pair you just have to pay the difference.

There is no mention of it on their website - so Im not sure if it applies to all OPSMs.

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  • mkstalen
    Where abouts did you see this? Maybe it's a local thing? Or a state based thing? A little more info would be great. We're going to look a bit silly if we go asking about this at our local stores and it doesn't exist..
  • taskel
    It was the Melbourne Central store, There's no harm mentioning the deal at other stores though - could just be in-store not online.

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