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22 November 2008

Paris by Paris Hilton: Paris Hilton, the party girl herself, launched her signature scent in 2004 as a luminous fruity fragrance for women.

This mysterious and intriguing fragrance is overwhelmingly rich in its appeal, possessing a feminine and flirtatious charm.


* Size: 100ml
* Type: Eau De Parfum Spray
* House: Paris Hilton

( updated price - lilprertzel )

TOPICS:   Health and Beauty


  • lilpretzel
    NORMALLY - $42.95 SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER Pay with PayPal: $24.95 OR $19.95 Shipped (Need $5 Voucher + Paypal)
  • nod
    poor Paris. She often seems to be on sale :D
  • k8star
    It's a lovely fragrance....if I didn't already have a bottle I would grab another!

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