Olay Pro X Protocol Starter Kit from Cincotta Chemist for $49.99 + free shipping if you add $1

11 August 2010

No idea whether its any good :) I dont use it..... but.... the price is good. Discounted elsewhere its $75 and full price around $90. If you add one more dollar in value to the order you can also get it shipped free. There's plenty of cheap stuff you can add to get you over the $50 threshold.

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  • cocopop
    i've neer used it before, but it looks like a good price donkey, the wrinkle smoothing cream alone is $59.99 on the front page of this week's priceline catalogue. http://priceline.dynamiccatalogue.com.au/imageicon/PMM/PROD/J00510211/C_001/PAGE_001/PAGE_001_OFFER_0020C1C7.JPG
  • voteoften
    The starter kit are smaller sizes, about 1/3 the full size. The starter kit shows as $79.99 when I follow that link.
  • admin EDITOR
    Yea - deal is finished now VO - there's something wierd with the autoexpire on the site at the moment.

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